Apr 02, 2018 at 11:21 AM

Inside the Mind Of A Killer

By Gordon Forbes

Mark Young was one of the FBI's top profilers.  Now he's Young Tex - an independent contractor hired to profile an hunt for serial killers.  "Inside the Mind of a Killer" follows Young and his partner Al Brantley, his mentor and also a former top FBI profiler, as they hunt for the world's worst killers.  Standing 6' 5" Young is an intimidating figure and a dynamic character - a Texas lawman with a ten-gallon hat, custom-made cowboy boots, a gun in his right boot, and a .45 in his holster "because they don't make a .46".  He and Al are experts in psychotic behavior.  They know that killers operate within unique and predictable patterns of behavior that can be recognized as clearly as a fingerprint.  These repeated patterns lead them to the killer's doorstep.

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